Why Zero Fees?

I don’t need them.

Most of the employees at a giant software company like Patreon don’t provide any value to their core service. There are probably a couple key developers and managers who keep the site running and then the rest are there only to promote “corporate culture” and come up with imaginary problems to solve. That goes for every company in Silicon Valley.

This site is donation based and will run at bare minimum, giving people who were unfairly banned from payment providers across the Internet the ability to get paid by the people who enjoy their content. The exchange of value is an absolute human right and fundamental to freedom of expression.

I will withhold 3% of everyone’s total to cover credit card fees plus $0.10 per every transaction because that’s what the bank charges me. The fees range from 1%-3% per card and it’s difficult to sort them. If you look at the other platforms, their service fees are tacked on in addition to the credit card fees totaling upwards of 10%. If I could pass it all through, I would, but banking, I have learned, is not easy nor is it transparent.

This site does not allow the use of PayPal or Stripe as these companies politically censor individuals for speech they disagree with.